Krab Jab Studio introduces The Arcade!

Whether its fortune telling fish, gumball machine art shows, or taxidermied animals, Krab Jab Studio's brick and mortar location will host a variety of interactive art and oddity displays for visitors to play with. Buy a token, or pay a buck to play!

The Artcade is scheduled to grow over time, with new displays released each quarter! Currently, we have the following:

The Puffers of Fortune


Our resident pea puffers will tell your fortune for a buck! They also accept live snails as blood sacrifice... don't be fooled by their manga-like cuteness.

Adelpha and Her Sister


Adelpha and Her Sister is a sculpture by Thomas Kuebler that is on permanent display. She is encased in a special fortune telling cabinet and we hope to have her telling fortunes by the end of the year!

Hairy Girls and Ghosty Pals Gumball Machine Show


Kamila Mlynarczyk Woodedwoods

"Hairy Girls and Ghosty Pals" gumball show features original miniature drawings. For a token you receive a piece of art with a tiny frame!

Caw the Cawfee Crow